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Francesco Decarolis

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Economics at Boston University – Boston (MA), USA –, Junior Fellow at the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science (Boston University), Adjunct Senior Fellow at the L. Davis Insitute for Health Economics (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania) and collaborates with the research center EIEF (Bank of Italy). He holds a BA in Economics from Universita’ Bocconi, Milan, and a MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining Boston University, he worked at the Bank of Italy, the University of Wisconsin Madison and the University of Pennsylavnia. His research is on Industrial Organization, with a focus on public procurement, auctions and health economics. Hi main publications as well as more details about his research activity are availbale at 



The "Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain", Proxenter, undertakes interdisciplinary research on Public and Private Procurement and on the Supply Chain. It promotes the cultural and scientific debate on these issues, working with governments, institutions and companies.