About us - Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain

Mario Risso

Associate Professor of Management

Associate Professor of Management at the Niccolò Cusano University (Italy). He is coordinator of Covision - Laboratory for sustainable business at the Department of Business Government Philosophy of the University Rome Tor Vergata. He holds a PhD in Banking and Finance from University of Rome Tor Vergata,  a Master in Retail Management and a Master in Asset Management. He has published articles in national and international books and journals including in International Journal of Technology Management. His main research interests include global supply chains, retailing, CSR and internationalization of the firms. Further details and his publications are available on: http://www.economia.uniroma2.it/nuovo/facolta/docenti/docenti.asp?IdProfessore=&IdProfessore=&IdProfessore=329&B1=VISUALIZZA


The "Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain", Proxenter, undertakes interdisciplinary research on Public and Private Procurement and on the Supply Chain. It promotes the cultural and scientific debate on these issues, working with governments, institutions and companies.