About us - Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain

Nicola Doni

Researcher of Economics

Researcher in Economics at the University of Florence. He studied in Pisa, Torino and Siena. His research interests include Auctions Theory and Contracts Theory, with applications to public procurement and to regulation of public services. Since 2006 he have been teaching Environmental Economics. He has managed many research reports on issues related to procurement  for many national institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Environmental Policy and GSE (Gestore servizi elettrici). He has published in international journals, including  Resource and Energy Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Economics Letters, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Energy Policy and Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics.  The list of his publications and further details on his research are available on his institutional page: http://www.disei.unifi.it/index.php?module=ofform&mode=2&cmd=1&AA=2012&fac=200052&cds=&pds=&afId=&lan=1&ord=A&doc=3f2b3429322d30


The "Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain", Proxenter, undertakes interdisciplinary research on Public and Private Procurement and on the Supply Chain. It promotes the cultural and scientific debate on these issues, working with governments, institutions and companies.