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Biancamaria Raganelli

Assistant Professor of Administrative Law

Biancamaria Raganelli (1975) is tenured Assistant Professor in Administrative Law at University of Rome Tor Vergata, awarded the National Scientific Qualification (2013) as Associate Professor in Administrative Law (12/D1) and Law of Economics (12/E3). She is adjunct professor in European Law and Institutions at Tor Vergata Univ.; Public Law of Economics at Lumsa Univ. Rome. She is Member of the scientific committee of the Center for Research in Procurement & Supply Chain, University of Rome Tor Vergata; Member of the executive committee, Master in Public Procurement Management and coordinator of the module on PPP; member of the International society of public law (ICON.s) and Research network Public Contracts in Legal Globalization.
She has a Ph.D. in Public Contracts and EAL (2005), Luiss Univ. of Rome; a Diploma in European Studies, Tilburg University, Netherlands (1996); a degree cum laude in Law (2000), Luiss University of Rome. Visiting Scholar at Brooklyn Law School and Columbia University (fall 2003), Fordham Law School, NYC (fall 2014). She has published a number of articles in reviews and book chapters and 3 books in the area of public procurement, regulation, economic analysis of law, administrative justice (http://didattica.uniroma2.it/docenti/curriculum/6429-Biancamaria-Raganelli).
She has several years of professional experience as legal expert and lawyer in drafting public procurement regulations and policy documents, including primary, secondary and tertiary legislation and has worked on international base as Senior Legal Expert and Public Procurement Adviser on a EU project for Caricom, Caribbean community secretariat (2015-2016); as International specialist and public procurement adviser on a World Bank project for Bangladesh (2012-2013); and as a consultant for Asian Development Bank (2011).

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